Nano Coating for Glass Like Surface

Easy Clean and Surface Protection

The Nano-coating protects smooth and glass-like surfaces from dirt, oil, limescale and other environmental contaminants. The main ingredient consists of inorganic Nano SiO2 particles (also called liquid glass) which bonds chemically with glass substrate. Treated glass is equipped with a colorless, vapor-permeable and ultra-thin nanofilm (with a thickness of less than a 100 nanometer). The coating possesses superior lotus effects and is water-repellent, anti-fouling and easy to clean, saving money on cleaning agents. Also, the product provides lasting protection and resistance against wear, chemicals, heat and UV light.


  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties
  • Non-stick and easy to clean– Minimized cleaning
  • Prevents streak marks, dirt build-up and algae formation
  • Protects surface from environmental corrosion, abrasion and contaminants
  • Easy coating and re-coating process (hardens at room temperature. No additional
  • energy or UV light required)
  • Completely colorless so no visible effects on the substrate
  • Heat resistant
  • Chemical resistant (pH-value of 13)
  • Abrasion and UV resistant.
  • Highly durable – up to 5 years in most conditions
  • Green and eco-friendly


Main Application

Automotive glass, solar panels, glass surfaces in sanitary areas (showers and mirrors), glazed ceramic surfaces (toilets, sinks and glazed tiles), glass panels of buildings and display glass

Coating Method

Coverage Rate Manually : 120 – 160 m2 (sqm), Industrially : 80 – 100 m2 (sqm), Spray evenly on the surface and wait for a few minutes (until dry), Clean the surface in a circular motion with a clean microfiber or linen cloth

Automotive Glass

Solar Panels​

Building Glass​

Display Glass​

Glazed Ceramic Surfaces​

Glazed Ceramic Surfaces​


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